07 August 2012

Sound Off! Foreign Engagement

Do you...

... bring foreign nationals into your military training institutions, schools, bases, and establishments to learn while embedded in your country?

... hit the road and spread your folks across their units, countries, and bases, training alongside their military?

And Brian, you can't say "both"! Pick one and defend your choice below!

By: Brant

1 comment:

Brian said...

B-but "both" is what's going on now, with pretty much any nation of any respectable size and pocket depth... oh well, OK, I'll play your dichotomous game.

I suppose it's better to go send your people out to train those in other countries, as it would tend to be an enlightening experience for both parties. It's likely that FID and other such "advisory" tasks will be the norm in future, instead of deployment of any unit bigger than an MEU.

There have been plenty of earnest articles and arguments in the past for the founding of an Advisory Corps or something like that, that is units with the express mission of training Host Nation soldiers to fight more effectively.