27 August 2012

Kickstarting Some Fantasy Wargaming

This is off of our usual stream of topics, but it's from a FOGN, so we're running with it. DGS minis, run by a retired Army officer and wargamer, has posted a project over on Kickstarter to raise some funds for the Urdaggar Tribes of Valor Fantasy Miniatures line that they're building out. From the CEO...

Well, finally got a kickstarter project going for my little game company DGS Games. Kickstarter is a crowd source funding website where companies post product ideas and ask for public support to get the funding for their projects, in our case to hire some sculptors and pay for production molds. While I learned a lot about producing baordgames over the years, it's incredible what the up front the production costs are for quality miniatures. So, please take a look and help if you can.

Yes, it is for some fantasy miniatures -- but, we do have a T-Shirt reward level for just a $20 pledge, and a variety of other reward levels. If you really want to help, there is an $800 reward level where we will immortalize your likeness in one of our production miniatures. Imagine millions of gamers everywhere using your figure to fight off their enemies!! Okay, maybe not millions yet, but it could happen - with your help.

Check out the excellent illustrations, and lend a hand if you can to help them get these figs into production.

By: Brant

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