03 August 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: Second Fleet

One of the ever-popular "fleet" series of games... Why 2nd Fleet? Because it features the Red Banner Fleet, and I was just watching Firefox on TV the other day, and they talk about the Red Banner Fleet in the movie. That's it. Never played it. Anyone out there got some feedback for us?

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By: Brant

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mad_max_usmc said...

Never played this one, but DID play VG's "Sixth Fleet". An interesting exercise and enjoyable game, but--as with most board wargames--lack of a fog of war capability removed a lot of the drama/tension. I realize that 1980 era recon capabilities would spot much of the surface fleet as it emerged from wherever--the Bosporus in 6th Fleet or the GIUK Gap in 2nd Fleet--but submarines? As usual with treasured old board wargames, I would absolutely love to see this series reissued or adapted for computer play.....where are you, John Tiller?!