26 July 2011

DoD's New Cyber Strategy Website

The DoD has launched a new Cyber Strategy Website

The Department of Defense today launched a new website http://www.defense.gov/cyber to highlight DoD’s first unified strategy for cyberspace announced on July 14. The website is a tool to help explain and consolidate DoD’s cybersecurity accomplishments and new way forward for military, intelligence and business operations in cyberspace.

The new website is designed to help users explore the five pillars of DoD’s cyber strategy:
- treating cyberspace as an operational domain
- employing new defense operating concepts
- partnering with the public and private sector
- building international partnerships
- leveraging talent and innovation.
Additional content includes links to cybersecurity jobs in government, key news items, press releases, and video of discussions on cybersecurity.

If I gave you 65 days before it gets hacked, would you take the over or under?

By: Brant

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