05 July 2011

Sound Off! Service Time!

When / where / how did you serve your country? And no, it didn't have to be in uniform.

Sound off in the comments!

By: Brant


Matt Purvis said...

US Army
Sucking sand and sweating too much in the 'Ghan.

Anonymous said...

mid-80s, US Army
3 years Germany, 2 years Kansas, 1 year Korea

Anonymous said...

66-74, USMC
2 tours in the jungles

taught JROTC for 11 years in the 80s

now play with grandkids and surf the web all day

Anonymous said...

Never served, but read a spit-load of military history and love reading about things as they happen

Anonymous said...

I cruise Ukraine and Russia drinking vodka for my country.

Long may she wave.

Anonymous said...

Deutsche Grenzschutze 87-95

now I read a lot online and work making cars