06 July 2011

UK Drawdown Outlined

Prime Minister Cameron is outline the UK plan to withdraw 500 troops from Afghanistan in 2012.

British Prime Minister David Cameron says the U.K. will withdraw 500 troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2012.
Cameron told Parliament on Wednesday that he will reduce the size of British forces to 9,000. Britain has the second largest contingent of international military personnel in Afghanistan behind the United States.
His announcement follows President Barack Obama's decision last month that 33,000 American troops will leave the country by the end of next summer.
Cameron arrived back in Britain late Tuesday following a two-day visit to Kabul and Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, where British forces are mainly based.

The US is pulling about 30k out of 100k there - 30%
The UK is pulling about 500 out of 9k there - 18%

But the real question is "what's the foxhole strength of what's coming home?" because I suspect a lot of the US 30k is currently chillin' on a FOB somewhere.

By: Brant

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