08 July 2011

Showing that Bad Taste Has No Bounds

I'm not posting the images - you can click through to the article if you want them. I'm too busy being pissed about this and wishing we had a way to do something about it.

Terror supporters have hijacked a top-selling video game to recreate sick footage of al-Qaeda's 9/11 atrocity and post it on the internet.

Twisted gamers use Just Cause 2 - where players dream up destructive missions in a virtual world - to simulate the 2001 jihadists' attack on New York's World Trade Center.

They copy every hideous detail from seizing the airliners to mimicking the angle the jets flew into the Twin Towers, taking 2,752 lives.

Players then revel in the horror by putting their videos, 3,900 so far, on YouTube.

By: Brant

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