18 July 2011

Libyan Rebels Gaining Ground

Somewhere in the current campaign for regime change in Libya is an update for Toyota Wars. Or maybe VPG's States of Siege series with the players as the Libyans.

Libyan rebels have routed most of Muammar Gaddafi's militias from the oil town of Brega but its streets are littered with landmines, making it harder to secure full control of the area, a rebel spokesman said Monday.
The rebel fighters have encircled Brega, a key oil export terminal with a refinery and chemical plant which for months marked the eastern limit of Gaddafi's control, the rebel spokesman Shamsiddin Abdulmolah said.
"The main body (of Gaddafi's forces) retreated to Ras Lanuf" to the west, Abdulmolah said by telephone. "I am told they (Gaddafi's forces) have some four-wheel drive trucks with machine guns spread out between Ras Lanuf and Bishr."

By: Brant

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