14 October 2008

Brazil Gets Its Own Aramaments SugarDaddy

Following Venezeula's recent Russian-sponsored military build-up, Brazil has embarked on its own quest for external weapons support. France has ridden to its rescue with submarines and jet fighters.

Not everyone is elated, of course. The Americans are miffed that the Brazilians might choose French-made Dassault jets over American F18s. And other criticism points out that the choices might not best suit Brazil's circumstances:
Brazil will sign a strategic defence alliance with France in December that it hopes will boost the domestic weapons industry, but critics say it may be choosing the wrong military equipment for its needs.
As part of the pact, Brazil will build a nuclear-powered submarine and around 50 helicopters under licence from the French. It has also short-listed France's Dassault in a tender for at least 36 fighter jets.
But defence industry analysts say U.S. or Russian aircraft are generally more suited to Brazil's continent-sized territory and that the nuclear-propelled submarine is too expensive and inappropriate for Brazilian waters.

Now, we sit back and wait for Chavez to make the next move.

By: Brant

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