23 October 2008

US to Baltics: "We Gatchya Back, Yo"

After NATO discussed revising their plans to defend the Baltic members of NATO, some of the NATO partners disagreed with the idea, including, remarkably, the French (who have no part of the NATO military command structure). However, on his recent tour of Europe and the Middle East, Adm Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs reiterated the commitment to collective NATO defense, specifically the Baltic nations:
The United States has assured the three Baltic countries bordering Russia that they can rely on NATO protection in case of a military attack.
U.S. Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke Wednesday during a visit to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.
He said he understands concerns about Russian military policy toward the Baltic states and Ukraine after Russia's military incursion into Georgia in August. But he said NATO's commitments and obligations to defend its members are clear.

By: Brant

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