16 October 2008

Kenya's Fingers Getting Dirty

Earlier, we asked the question "What about the tanks?".
Turns out, there's just as much shadiness as you'd expect in an African arms deal, and the Kenyan's are in the middle of it:
Much will turn on the real meaning of the acronym GOSS, evident as the buyer on the manifest. Most people take this to mean the Government of South Sudan, meaning that the tanks were destined for that region. The Kenyans say it means the Kenyan army’s own General Ordinance Supplies and Security, proving that the tanks were going to Kenya. But that does not necessarily mean they were not going on to south Sudan. Kenya has no history of using Soviet equipment. A Russian source said that the only Russian arms Kenya has bought in recent years have been Kalashnikov rifles for game rangers.

By: Brant

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