26 October 2008

Layoffs in the MoD

Well, so much for the idea of war being a growth industry... The UK MoD is laying off employees:
The government is to axe a quarter of the military and civilian staff at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) despite being warned the cuts risk leaving it incapable of predicting threats to the UK or its interests worldwide.
The loss of 1,200 of the 4,330 staff will see every branch of the MoD losing posts, with those dealing with threats to the UK and military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan among the worst affected.
The posts being axed include intelligence analysts watching potential threats to the UK; staff officers controlling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and those providing urgently needed equipment to troops.
Documents obtained by the Sunday Times reveal warnings from senior officers in charge of the various branches that the cuts could lead to them not being able to do their job.

By: Brant

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