31 October 2008

Well, there's your deadline

Alrighty - you folks asked for it... Here's your Iraq withdrawal deadline:
Baghdad wants to delete any reference in a security pact with Washington to the possibility of US troops staying in Iraq after 2011, an MP close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Thursday.
The demand is one of five amendments proposed by Iraq, Ali al-Adib, a member of the Shiite Dawa party, told AFP.
'The Iraqi government wants to remove from the agreement any mention of a possible extension of the American presence in Iraq,' he said.

Now, a show of hands - who can't wait to buy their tickets to the Iranian or AQI victory parades scheduled for 2 January 2012 in Iraq?

By: Brant


J. said...

If there are Iranian victory parades, it will happen because the US govt enpowered a Shi'ite-majority to gain control. What did you think was going to happen, that the Spirit of 1776 was going to alight upon them and they would all swear to be a big happy family?

And if I were an Iraqi citizen, hell yeah I might be celebrating the end of an occupation following the devastation of the country's infrastructure. But that's just me.

Brant said...

No - but the 'victory' parades will doubtless tell a narrative of how the pious Islamic Jihadis of the Caliphate chased the barbarian American Crusaders back across the ocean, instead of the closer-to-reality narrative of Islamic fundamentalists getting perforated by a whole lot of 5.56 and a popularly-elected government taking control of their own sovereignty and asking the Americans to leave.

J. said...

No doubt, just like the Repub version of the last five years of history will proclaim of the absolute necessity of our actions to spread freedom and democracy to the four corners of the world - except that the media and the freedom-haters in America stopped us from being completely "successful."

Everyone has their story, but not everyone has a grasp on facts. It's to be expected.

Brant said...

"Everyone has their story, but not everyone has a grasp on facts"

On that we can agree.