29 October 2008

EU Standing Military Getting Closer?

Britain's new defense secretary won't make a lot of friends on the glorious isle with his support for a standing EU military force:
The freshly appointed UK defence secretary has publicly supported the idea of a European army, a key ambition of the French EU presidency.
Speaking to the country's Sunday Times newspaper yesterday (26 October), John Hutton, who took on the defence portfolio on 3 October, was asked about the prospects for an EU force.
He said: 'I think we've got to be pragmatic about those things. I think that's perfectly sensible. France is one of our closest allies, and the French believe very strongly in this type of role. If we can support it, we should.'
French President Nicholas Sarkozy, whose country currently chairs the EU's six-month rotating presidency, wants the bloc's existing military framework to have a new headquarters and each member state to commit 1,500 troops to rapid reaction forces.

So is this being supported on its own merits, or because they're trying to play nice with the French?

By: Brant

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