14 October 2008

Getting to know our readers, Part 1

So that we might better target some of our articles to suit you, the audience, we're going to have a few interactive features running here for you to let us know about you. First up, since this is GrogNews - and let's face it, we haven't covered a lot of games yet - we want to know about your wargaming prefs. Pick as many as you want, but please focus on the ones you play regularly. This is not intended as some weird market research. We just want to be able to talk about the kinds of game you'd like to be playing. This poll will be up for about 90 days, and we'll revisit it down the line as the readership evolves.

Also, feel free to share some of your favorite games in the comments.

By: Brant

1 comment:

Brant said...

OK - I'll start.

Favorite board games: Warfighter series (BayonetGames! hahaha); LnL's World at War series; SPI's old Modern Battles series, as well as DG's "Cold War Battles" updates in S&T; Crusader Rex / Hammer of the Scots from Columbia

Not much of a computer gamer, but I really dig Civ III and haven't stopped playing it since 2003...