24 June 2010

International Fleet Review Comes To Halifax

An impressive fleet of NATO warships, including the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, will participate in the International Fleet Review taking place next week in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
More than 5,000 sailors and over two dozen ships from eight countries will be in Halifax this week for an international fleet review to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Canadian navy.

Most of the ships are currently involved in exercises off the coast of Nova Scotia and in the Bay of Fundy. They started arriving in the harbour Wednesday.

"They’re going to come in, and most of them will be open for tours," says navy Lt. Ed Stansfield. "There’ll be any number of receptions, there’ll be ceremonial gun firings, all sorts of things."

According to the navy’s website, naval assemblies date back to 1773, when King George III reviewed the British fleet following the Seven Year War.

Next week will mark the ninth time there has been a fleet review in Canada. Navy ships on the west coast and ships from Asia, the United States, Australia and New Zealand formed up last week.

In a review, ships anchor in two or more lines with an open space between. As the ship carrying the reviewing official moves between the lines, each ship in turn salutes. The crew stand along the guardrails, gives three cheers and wave their caps.

By: Shelldrake

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