24 June 2010

Iranian Reaction to Possible Ship Inspections

According to Iran's top naval commander, the Iranian Navy has developed special contingency plans for use in the event of Iranian ship inspections in international waters by US forces. Sounds like someone is looking for a well deserved smack down.

‘The Americans and their shaky allies would probably not dare to sneer at our ships maliciously anywhere in the world waters, anyway,’ Fadavi said while adding, ‘If they would resort to such a silly act in accordance with their illegitimate and illegal resolution, we would in the Persian Gulf and at the Strait of Hormoz react with a very special and very appropriate move, relying on the grace of God, and our might and capabilities that are drastically improved compared to the era of our sacred defense war.’

Iranian Armed Forces today enjoys unparalleled capabilities including hundreds of missile launchers, thousands of warships and military boats, air-to-sea missiles, powerful land-to-sea missile batteries stationed in that strategic area.
By: Shelldrake

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