27 June 2010

Twitter-Fight Between Journalists Over McChrystal

David Brooks took a shot at Hastings and his article on McChrystal. And Hastings has now fired back over Twitter. Incoming twits!

"By putting [McChrystal's] kvetching in the magazine, the reporter essentially took run-of-the-mill complaining and turned it into a direct challenge to presidential authority," Brooks wrote. "He took a successful general and made it impossible for President Obama to retain him."

Hastings, however, doesn't think it's fair to blame him for accurately reporting on the tension between McChrystal's circle and the civilian chain of command, and came out firing on Twitter Friday morning.

He wrote the following tweet: "david brooks to young reporters: don't report what you see or hear, or you might upset the powerful." And another: "question for david brooks: does he really think WH and McC had good relationships? signs point to lack of listening to kvetching!" Here's one more: "question 2 to mr. brooks: how much time has he spent listening to the troops kvetch in a warzone? just askin'."

By: Brant

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