30 June 2010

NATO Caps 8 Talibanistanis

Of course, Taliban propaganda being what it is, NATO probably gunned down a religious service instead of 8 militants who attacked an Afghan airport.

Militants set off a car bomb and stormed the entrance to an airport in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday in a failed attempt to enter the air field used by Afghan and international forces, authorities said. Eight insurgents died in the ensuing gunbattle.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault, part of an upswing in violence in the nearly 9-year-old war.

Using light weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, the militants battled international forces for 30 minutes on the outskirts of Jalalabad city, according to information provided by the media office at the airport.

An Afghan solider and one international service member were wounded in the fighting, NATO said.

By: Brant


Walt said...

Why was NATO involved, why didn't the locals hsndle it?

Anonymous said...

There's a NATO base on the airport.

Walt said...

Why is it there?