29 June 2010

Prince Harry Wants To Go Back To Afghanistan

One has to admire someone volunteering to fight in an unpopular war, especially with his profile.

'As long as my military career allows it and politically it's allowed, then I will serve my country as any other soldier.

'You train for a reason and you want to be there, you want to help your buddies left and right of you.'

Three years ago Harry, who initially trained as a tank commander with the Household Cavalry, threatened to quit the Army after being barred from going to Iraq due to security concerns.

Just weeks before he is due to begin training as an Apache attack helicopter pilot, the 25-year-old said: 'At the end of the day you train for war, it's as simple as that.

'If we could be at peace then fantastic but if we're at war then you want to be with your brothers in arms.

By: Brant

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Walt said...

I wouldn't. why does he want his troops to waste their lives there?