24 November 2010

Criticism of CoD:Black Ops Ad Completely Wrong

So one of the media gasbags at The Atlantic is up in arms about the advertising campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

This ad equips people with real guns and simulates real-life, no-CGI combat. The thud of recoil, the screams of rockets, the dust of explosions... and the look of exasperation on that little, shotgun-wielding girl. The only things missing are the dead bodies on the receiving ends of each bullet and blast.

That "little, shotgun-wielding girl"? Yeah, she's 20. Yep, 20 years old. Hey Machkovech: they've got "clue" on sale at Toys'R'Us. Go pick one up, eh?

I caught up with Cannon and she assures me that she's certainly old enough to be playing an M-rated game like "Black Ops" much less starring in a commercial for it. In fact, she's 20 years old.
However, she says she can see how her young looks might have thrown some people off.
"I do look quite young," she said. "It's the cheeks. You can't look old with these cheeks."

Now, if you want to criticize the campaign, then do so because the tagline "There's a soldier in all of us" is completely off-base. Trust me, there is not a soldier in everyone. Being a soldier is much, much more than running around with a gun.

By: Brant

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gabeeg said...

that was an awesome ad...loved it.