22 November 2010

GrogNews Daily Headlines

Will the USMC toe the line on DADT?

Wikileaks might be dropping another massive trove of documents.

So there's a NATO envoy claiming that children are safer in Afghan cities than in New York City. That may be, but ours are also educated, well-fed, hopeful, and turned into pawns of megalomaniacal religious nutjobs competing over control of rock farms... Object, you say? Look, at least our kids are literate before they join the police force.
And if you want an update on casualties in the fight, check out iCasualties.org.

The Norks are getting nukey again.

Dislike the TSA? Get in line. No, really, get in line, as a Thanksgiving weekend protest is sure to disrupt travel.

What's the first step to MidEast peace? The Economist says fix those borders first.

By: Brant

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