19 November 2010

GrogNews Daily Headlines, Bonus Edition

There's just a lot of news today...

As the US is now following the lead of the Canadians and sending M1-series tanks to Afghanistan it's amazing what we are still learning about the Afghans. Turns out most of them have no idea about 9-11 or why we're at war there. In fairness, there's probably a lot of Americans that are pretty ill-informed, too.

While the US and Israel are having a hard time hammering out a settlement pact the People's Republic of Jihadistan in Gaza launched a long-range Grad rocket at their neighbors. Religion of Peace, indeed.

How was the cybersabotage of Iran's nuke plant supposed to work? By overloading commands to the centrifuge.

With capsizing safely off the table as a danger for the military relocation to Guam, lawsuits have taken center stage, as a live-fire range is apparently too close to some endangered sand or something.

Lockheed is going to shut down a plant in Minnesota, and probably blame Congress for it.

The US is trying to cut off access to drug money for the Norks, and hopes that sanctioning some of their "commercial" entities will keep other nations from working with them as well.

By: Brant

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