21 May 2011

Libya Claims NATO is Causing Humanitarian Crises

Yep, the same regime that would probably claim that refugees are to blame for target-rich environments is saying that NATO is to blame for the humanitarian crisis.

Libyan officials sounded alarm Saturday over NATO bombings of three ports which they said would trigger a crisis by limiting the movement of supply ships carrying critical supplies in and out of the war-torn nation.
NATO jets destroyed eight Libyan warships in the ports of Tripoli, Al-Khums and Sirte after concluding that Col. Moammar Gadhafi had started using naval assets to lay mines and hamper international humanitarian aid, said Mike Bracken, NATO's military spokesman.
Libyan officials said, however, that the airstrikes violated the United Nations resolution mandating the protection of civilians, said Amran al-Forjani, Libya's chief coastguard commandant. He called the operation a "crazy attack."
No deaths or injuries were reported.
Bracken said at a Friday news conference that the NATO strikes were justified.
Gadhafi was indiscriminately mining waters in Misrata and hampering the flow of humanitarian aid, Bracken said.

By: Brant

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