31 May 2011

Sound Off: What would it take for you to participate in a team game at the Origins War College?

(Bonus for today, as we ramp up to Origins)

Hey everyone -

I'm just wondering what - if anything - people know about the staff wargames we run at the Origins War College, and what it would take for you to come check out one of them and join us for a game?

Players take on roles in a military staff and plan and execute an operation using a wargame... gotta keep up with current situation and changes to the plan while the fight's going on. It's a ton of fun We get a lot of folks coming back year after year.

You've got an assignment within the command post in a military unit and during the course of the battle you manage your appropriate functional area, as the operations guy, or the intel guy, or fire support guy, and you're all working together against the OPFOR. It's a cooperative experience that's well-guided along by Dr Sterrett and the rest of the gang that's been doing this a few years. There's no "wasting time" because at some point the enemy comes rolling over the hill.

The only exception to the "cooperative" model might be Persian Incursion, which will be head-to-head teams if we get enough people.

It's a chance to learn what a military exercise looks like, within the context of a cooperative game, and play your way through the scenario in near-real time.

By: Brant


Guardian said...

It actually sounds like a lot of fun, but I can't take the time off this year for Origins.

That aside, my question would be "Do you have to be a 'good' wargamer?" You've seen my play and I kind of struggle with the paper/counter administration part of the game because I'm so spoiled by computer games and (for that matter) real-world C4ISR systems.

Silent Hunter said...

A lot of cash, alas... I'm British and would need to find the money for the air fare.

If there was something like this in the UK, I'd be interested. Is there?

Brant said...

Guardian - the play is handled by the EXOCN team. You might be watching a projection of the game in progress, but the administrivia is within the game, and the players are essentially a BN/BDE/DIV TOC (depending on the game) and it looks a lot like a mni-JANUS.

SH - no idea if something like that is run in the UK, but if someone wants to fly me out there, and Dr Sterrett, we'll run it :)

Anonymous said...

Like SH said - airfare, and I'm there!

Brant said...

^ oh pish - you get to drive! :)