07 May 2011

Weekend Humor: Women Who Know Their Place

A delicious little quip about women in Afghanistan.

Barbara Walters, of 20/20, did a story on gender roles in Kabul,
Afghanistan, several years before the Afghan conflict.

She noted that women customarily walked five paces behind their husbands.

She recently returned to Kabul and observed that women still walk behind their husbands. Despite the overthrow of the oppressive Taliban regime, the women now seem happy to maintain the old custom.

Ms Walters approached one of the Afghani women and asked, ‘Why do you now seem happy with an old custom that you once tried so desperately to change?’

The woman looked Ms Walters straight in the eyes, and without hesitation said, “Land mines.”

h/t Greg

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, it's not true. (Tho I wish it was). Check snopes.com

Brant said...

it's humor. Roll with it. :)