04 April 2012

3D Displays Without Glasses? The Army Wants You

The US Army is looking to build glasses-free 3D displays for future combat vehicles.

U.S. Army vetronics researchers are canvassing industry to see which companies might be able to provide glasses-free 3D display technology, or autostereoscopic displays, and to determine if the time is right for a formal solicitation to acquire glasses-free 3D display technology for future armored combat vehicles or unmanned vehicle control stations.
The Ground Vehicle Robotics branch of the Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) in Warren, Mich., on Wednesday issued a request for information (RFI: W56HZVRFI3D) as part of a market survey to assess the potential to obtain an autonomously adjustable autostereoscopic display system and test it on an Army vehicle.
The market survey is part of a potential TARDEC 3D Display Without Glasses and Head Tracking program. Autostereoscopy refers to displaying stereoscopic images without the aid of special headgear or glasses -- typically by using eye-tracking and multiple views so that the display does not need to sense where the viewer's eyes are located.

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By: Brant

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