13 April 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: War Machine

A grand strategy Cold War-era game you've never heard of? Lemme introduce you to War Machine, from the Borealis Boardgame Company.

Can't find a CSW thread on it, and I think the company is long since gone. But if you've seen/played this one, give us some thoughts!

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By: Brant

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Brian said...

I actually had this once!
Not for very long though.
I don't remember much about it, except that it was a generic-country exercise where you built up your army/navy/air force and then went out to beat up your neighbour.
Uninteresting but competently produced components: little plastic markers and that kind of thing.
This was the only product of this company, and I don't think the designer (who was also the publisher) did anythign else.
There are other and better games of this type around - one I found interesting was Standard Games' Speed and Steel, which had a bit of a tech tree.