24 April 2012

Sound Off! Mass vs Mobility

Is it more important to...

... overwhelm the enemy with superior numbers, and damn the casualty figures?
... deftly maneuver him into submission with minimal loss of life on either side?

Sound off below!

By: Brant


Brian said...

Maneuver. Sun Tzu said it best.

mad padre said...

"Deftly maneuver" is one of those phrases that sounds good in the Commander's Intent phase of the orders. In my experience it seldom survives an encounter with General Friction.
Usuualy, "Clumsily blunder around" is what really happens. But it's nice when it works.

PaulV said...

It depends on what started the war. assuming both COAs lead to victoryin this war, thenif you are fighting a Genghis Khan who you know is going to come after you again, you slick him to the extent possible to maximize the peoace until the next war. Outmaneuvering him and leading his army intact just means you will fight another war soon.

If you started the war, or it just "happened" then you want to win as cheaply in blood and treasure as you can to minimize ill will.