27 April 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: FAR 90

Yes, there are are wargames published in foreign languages... and a lot of them in French. FAR 90 was published in Casus Belli magazine and can be a challenge to track down.

There's no CSW forum. There's no entry at Grognards.com. There's an entry at iSimulacrum, but only insofar in that the game exists. Has anyone out there had their hooks in this one? And what did you think?

Personally, I'm curious about the countermix. There's a set of green counters that look like they're a 51st Brigade and a 53rd Brigade. I'm wondering if the green units are Germans, or if they're Americans. It's interesting because in a lot of US training materials, there's a 53rd Armored Brigade as a hypothetical higher headquarters that does not exist anywhere on the rolls, but is used just for training purposes. Did FAR 90 adopt this hypothetical unit? Or is it referring to something completely different?

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By: Brant


R.H.Iversen said...

The Green units are german. They are supposed to represent the 5X series of Heimatschutzbrigades from the Territorialheer. The area represented on the map lies squarely within the german II Korps AOR as well. No americans there (the dividing line between Ge II Korps and US VII Corps ran a little to the north of Nuremberg)

mad_max_usmc said...

According to the text, only three countries are represented: Germany (green units), France (blue) and the Soviet Union (red). No American troops are listed in the order of battle/initial placement paragraphs of the portion of the instructions you printed.

R.H.Iversen said...

The odd thing here is, that the scenario description mentions the 51. Heimatschutzbrigade, which belonged to Territorialkommando Schleswig Holstein. It is a long way from home here ;-). My guess is, that the 55. HSB is meant here instead.

R.H.Iversen said...

And the Tan colored counters are canadians :)

sfameyr said...

the rules were inspired by Strategy and games'games(Central Front Series) with some modifications. No American units in the game (sorry ;-) )
The pins were redone. (http://frogofwar1.free.fr/download/far90.zip)
The game has a good reputation in France.