22 April 2012

Conversion of Ft Ord Continues

I've lived in the Monterey area off and on my entire life - 4 different trips altogether - and Fort Ord was always a big presence in the community. Even now that it's gone, its final disposition continues to be negotiated.

Fort Ord, the sweeping former military base north of Monterey, Calif., known for its oceanfront landscape and a history that dates back to horse cavalry soldiers in World War I, will become America's newest national monument.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to establish the new designation on Friday, making Fort Ord only the second national monument he has created since becoming president in 2009.

"Fort Ord's dramatic landscape lives in the memories of thousands of veterans as their first taste of Army life, as a final stop before deploying to war, or as a home base during their military career," Obama said in a statement late Thursday.

"This national monument will not only protect one of the crown jewels of California's coast, but will also honor the heroism and dedication of men and women who served our nation and fought in the major conflicts of the 20th century."

It continues to bug me that so few of the people playing the golf courses have any idea why they're called "Bayonet" and "Blackhorse".

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By: Brant

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Brian said...

That's a beautiful area. I've been to the Naval Postgraduate School twice and love wandering around the town.
The bean-counters may argue that you can study warfare, policy, and Urdu just as effectively in a windowless cinder-block building in Fort Riley KS, but as long as the golf courses are there the generals and admirals will continue to "inspect" the NPS and DLI.