10 April 2012

Sound Off! Military-Themed "Board" Games

Would you rather be stuck playing highly-detailed grog-level conflict simulations (think OCS) with a small pool of players?
Or broaden your potential pool of players, while sacrificing the detail of the well-researched wargame (Manouvre, M'44, Tank on Tank)?

Sound off below!

By: Brant


Hipshot said...

both and in between.
I'm lucky to be able to solo things no one else wants to play, and have a small group of guys who will play complex games with me.

Brian said...

I'm in the same situation as "Hipshot" (though I probably have even less time to play than he does).

To me, it's more the play of the thing than its detail, and the weighing of tradeoffs and decisions involved in the play. To me, greater detail usually leads to more factors involved in making a decision, not necessarily to better decisions (or at least ones that you feel better about making).

RockyMountainNavy said...

For myself I prefer a good grognards simulation but as I play games with my boys (8 & 14) the lighter fare works well. Columbia block games or the C&C series still teach basics (terrain, forces, strategy or tactics) but in a more easily understood manner.