02 September 2012

Anti-Bush Hyperbole Just Won't Subside

Now Bishop Tutu is piling on, calling for Bush & Blair to be tried at The Hague.

Tutu, the retired Anglican Church's archbishop of South Africa, wrote in an op-ed piece for The Observer newspaper that the ex-leaders of Britain and the United States should be made to "answer for their actions."
The Iraq war "has destabilized and polarized the world to a greater extent than any other conflict in history," wrote Tutu, who was awarded the Nobel prize in 1984.

Hmmmm... somehow I suspect WWII destabilized and polarized the world to a slightly greater extent than the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Probably followed closely by WWI, the Seven Years' War, the Thirty Years' War, and the 1948 Israeli War of Independence (which *still* has the world polarized).
Hyperbole in the pursuit of personal grudges is pretty silly.

By: Brant

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