20 September 2012

Military Appreciation Day at NC State Football Game

A lot of teams do this, but not a lot of teams have a safety who has most of his family in the military.

His mother is currently on deployment in Kuwait, but Wolff makes a point of it to talk to her everyday.


Wolff's mother is not the only family member of Wolff's in the armed forces.

"I have a brother, who just got married this past weekend in the Navy, and another brother that lives in Miami that is a Marine," said Wolff. "My family has a very strong military background. Basically on Saturday, I'm going to be playing for all of them.

Among the events planned at the game...

Saturday Afternoon
• Wolfpack Club members are hosting 100 military personnel at their tailgates and athletics is providing them with tickets.
• Coke is sponsoring a pregame tailgate for the Wounded Warriors
• The Fanzone will feature many military themed activities as well as a Navy Rock Band
• At 5 p.m., there will be a REAL Walk of Champions, as the Wounded Warriors enter at the North Gates

• A C130 flyover
• General Raymond T. Odierno, 38th Chief of Staff for the United State Army will perform the coin toss. He will also speak to the football team earlier in the day on Saturday.

In Game
• Wounded Warriors, ROTC members, and all current and former military in attendance will be honored
• An Army re-enlistment ceremony will take place on the field
• Videoboard "shoutouts" from military personnel overseas

• Military Tribute by NC State Marching Band and special bagpipers
• Full-field sized Flag presented by Coca Cola
• Parachute Team

Now the C130 flyover is pretty weak, especially after previous years have featured F15s and a B2, but overall, that's not a bad afternoon.

By: Brant

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