27 September 2012

BULLETS! - Deliberate Defense

-- quick and dirty words of wisdom collected over the years --

RESEED THE BREACH! Expect that the OPFOR will make a hole in your obstacle, just be prepared to fix it. FASCAM is not the only answer. Dismounted infantry with smoke pots screening
their work can repair a lane in the wire within 10 minutes, but nobody ever prestages infantry forward of the the fighting positions. Which leads into our next point:
Use FRAGOs during the attack to re-synch the fight. Tell people to speed up or slow down; change the SBF location; dismount grunts to key terrain; change priority of fires.
Don't stick to the plan "just because it's the plan" but when you make a change, make it formal and issue a FRAGO on the command net, and O&I/A&L if possible.

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By: Brant

1 comment:

S O said...

Repair an artificial obstacle? Who came up with this at all? This is only suitable for trench war.

Artificial obstacles in mobile warfare are meant to delay or to channelize, not to hold off for long.