14 September 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: 4th Reich

Task Force Games dropped the obscure 4th Reich on us back in the 80s. Talk about some weirdness. Apparently it was inspired by an alt-history novel. Anyone seen this one?

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By: Brant


Pete Maidhof said...

Never saw, nor heard of.

Brian said...

Oh yeah, I had this one! Wrote a review of it for Simulacrum:

"A very tasteless game, in terms of its subject material. Not a very stimulating game either: small numbers of nimble and stronger Puremen units have 25 turns to capture all 29 cities on the map and eliminate all Mutant units, who shamble around under the fragmented leadership of Controllers to try and overrun the homeland of Geld. Rules for solitaire play are included in case you want to play this game without anyone else seeing you..."

A variant in #15 of Nexus, TFG's house magazine, added Invaders From Space (what else?) as a third player.