22 September 2012

Jet Shot Down By Rebels in Syria

In addition to all the ground equipment destroyed or captured, the rebels have now shot down a fighter jet in northern Syria.

Rebel fighters trying to oust President Bashar al-Assad shot down a fighter jet as it flew over the northern Syrian town of Atarib in Idlib province, a witness said.
The witness, an independent journalist who asked to remain anonymous, said rebel fighters were attacking a military base near the town when the jet flew over and rebels shot it down with anti-aircraft guns.
Vastly outgunned, rebels say they need surface-to-air missiles to take down planes and helicopters used by the Syrian military to bombard opposition strongholds.
Fighters use outdated anti-aircraft machine guns that are welded to pickup trucks but they are inaccurate and useless if the military aircraft fly above a certain altitude.
On August 27 fighters shot down a helicopter on the outskirts of Damascus and three days later rebels said they had brought down a jet in Idlib, near the Turkish border.

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

The key here is WHAT did they use to bring it down. have they got genuine anti-aircraft capability or is it a lucky shot?

para said...

It says quite clearly in the article, that they used anti-aircraft guns, presumable the ones mounted on pickup trucks mentioned further down.

While AAG may include anything from a mounted 7.62 mm machine gun up to radar-guided auto cannons, its safe to assume, that these folks are not better equipped than the "rebel" hordes in Libya, ie. medium or heavy machine guns with iron sights, ie a lucky shot.