19 September 2012

GameTalk - The Political Dimension

How do you incorporate the effects that political engagements have on games at the operational level and below?

By: Brant


Brian said...

I don't understand the question because I don't know how you mean the term "political engagements". Do you mean peace talks? Status of Combatants agreements? David Eisenhower marrying Julie Nixon?

Pete Maidhof said...

Flashpoint Golan and Next War Korea both share a political element in that conditions within the game can effect UN Resolutions which have an effect on ending the game and counting up victory points.

Brian said...

Oh, I see. Sure, I've done that. Examples:

My game on Somalia had optional rules for peace negotiations that could score more or fewer victory points for either side, the important thing was the UN player could not do kinetic stuff while negotiations were going on and there was a price for breaking them off.

Greek Civil War (forthcoming) has frequent governmental changes , which means frequent changes in restrictions on how the Army could be mobilized, deployed and used against the guerrillas.

Arriba Espana and Battle for China featured foreign involvement, which laid or lifted restrictions on things, and sometimes mandated offensives, placating factions within your own forces etc. This of course had an effect on how you could allocate your efforts.