10 September 2012

GrogHeads is Down, Thanks to Anonymous

GoDaddy, the online host for GrogHeads, is down right now and Anonymous is claiming responsibility.

GoDaddy, the domain registrar and Web hosting company, is down, perhaps taking millions of websites down as a result.

"Status Alert: Hey, all. We're aware of the trouble people are having with our site. We're working on it," @GoDaddy tweeted Monday.

While GoDaddy.com's site is up and running, websites hosted by the company are still experiencing outages.

TechCrunch reports that GoDaddy email addresses are down, as well. The blog suggests customers concerned with that their site has been affected can check online status at Down For Everyone Or Just Me.

A quick call to the company's customer service line resulted in a voice message stating that the company is aware of issues involving several services, including web hosting and emails. The company suggest following its Twitter page for updates.

Twitter accounts claiming to be associated with the hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack.

"Basically, every GoDaddy site on the planet just crashed," @TibitXimer tweeted.

"#TangoDown - godaddy.com," @AnonOpsLegion tweeted Monday, claiming that the Twitter account @AnonymousOwn3r was responsible for the breach. "TangoDown" is the term that Anonymous generally uses to signify that a website is down.

By: Brant


Brant said...

Back up as of about 1900 EDT yesterday

Brian said...

.... aaand turns out it wasn't Anonymous after all, GoDaddy did it to themselves while backing up data and someone claiming to be from Anonymous tweeted that they had done it.

Future historians studying our present day are going to have a sad, sad time sorting out what was truth and what was a lie, in what will be the primary documents.