21 June 2005

TSA's problem

Wired News: 'TSA is losing the public's trust,' said Tim Sparapani, a privacy lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union. 'They have a repeated, consistent problem with doing one thing and then saying they did another.'

It's not that they're losing anyone's trust. It's that they're a freakin' pain-in-the-ass obstruction to an otherwise perfectly safe way to travel.

Has the TSA interrupted any hijack plots?

They are constantly pulling people out for inspections that have no reason to be inspected, and yelling at everyone else to hurry up thru lines that are slow because of the TSA not the patrons of the airports.

I was pulled out for additional screening recently. I have a top secret security clearance. If I was a terror threat, I wouldn't have received a security clearance. If I was a danger to the country, I wouldn't be in my position in the National Guard.

And if the asshole running the screening station at the Columbus, OH had a brain he wouldn't have been yelling at my wife, who was left to wrangle 3 carry-on bags and a 2-year-old while trying to put her shoes (flip-flops, actually) back on because I was standing around in a separate screening area waiting for some numbskull to come off of his coffee break so I could get my additional save-the-world-from-the-scourge-of-the-patriotic-national-guardsman-volunteering-to-serve-the-country potential hijackers.