27 February 2007

Majority wants troop deadline in Iraq: poll - Yahoo! News

Majority wants troop deadline in Iraq: poll - Yahoo! News
A narrow majority of Americans now favor setting a deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq and a record number say they disapprove of the war, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Monday.

I don't care whether you support the war in Iraq or not, tying the withdrawal to a calendar instead of progress on the ground is stupid. Go ahead and schedule the withdrawal for 1 October 2007. And go ahead and stake out your seats now for the Al Qaeda Victory Parade on 2 October 2007. Calendars are useless of these types of missions.

20 February 2007

Americans should be very, very afraid of this

Serbia lines up wholesale rejection of Kosovo plan - Yahoo! News
Serbia will reject every element of a U.N. plan for Kosovo that points to the creation of 'another Albanian state' during final talks beginning on Wednesday in Vienna, a senior Serbian official said.

The precedent set here is that an ethnic group can move into the sovereign territory of an adjacent nation, and through either the movement of people (in and out) or birthrates, eventually expand into a majority. At which time, they may agitate for independence, autonomy, unity with their previous nation, or other such political solution.
How long before the HIspanic population of LA, El Paso, San Diego, Nogales, and others start to demand unity with Mexico, using Kosovo as a precedent?