01 March 2011

Canadian Recce Team Lands In Malta

Canada appears to be taking a proactive stance in response to the crisis in Libya.
The Canadian military has sent a reconnaissance team and medics to Malta in what could be a signal of deeper military involvement in the crisis in Libya.

The 13-member team arrived on the Mediterranean island on Monday along with two of the air force's new C-130J cargo planes and two giant C-17 transports, which will be used for further evacuations of foreign nationals from the chaotic North African country.

The high-readiness team, much like its previous deployment in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, evaluates the situation and often lays the groundwork for military forces that follow.

Defence sources also tell The Canadian Press that special forces teams are preparing to deploy -- something the military won't confirm.

The British have used commandos to accompany their C-130 Hercules transports into Libya and to protect the aircraft when on the ground.
By: Shelldrake

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Rex Brynen said...

I'm not sure how proactive it is--they've been providing on-board security for the C-130 and C-17 flights, which is fairly standard practice for foreign national evacuations. Also, the Canadian operation has been far from a glowing success: two chartered aircraft returned empty, and at least one military aircraft was unable to land due to congestion at Tripoli airport.

In terms of proactive operations, the UK, Germany, and China are much more impressive.