29 March 2011

Sound Off! Speed vs Stealth

Do you want your ground units to focus on...?

Speed kills - get there first with the most!

Stealth rules - never let them see you coming!

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

By: Brant


Zachary said...

Tough choice this week. Depending upon what the objective of the mission is, each choice has its merits; however, for me personally, I would choose stealth over speed.

For me, there's something about the psychological aspect of keeping your enemy off guard, (as well as fearful) and wondering where and how you might strike next that seems better than arriving somewhere, "first with the most".

Brant said...

Well I spent most of my career on/with tanks, so you can probably guess where I'm going :)

C'mon readers - sound off!

Matt Purvis said...

Only problem with stealth is that a 10 year old goat herder can randomly screw up your ninja-esque infil.

Zachary said...

I laughed when I read your reply Matt, because you are absolutely right. Maybe I should just hitch a ride with Brant on the back of one of his tanks?

Brant said...

"sneaky like voodoo ninja" only works 'til my thermal sights get cranked up.

then it's sabot-through-the-left-ventricle and I'm already scanning for other targets :)

Brant said...

I will say that Zachary's original comment has some merit - no one expects the Spanish Inquisition! - and it can scare the shit out of people in a way that speed may not be able to