31 March 2011

Wargaming Libya?

This is just a very quick BGG search, but here are a few wargames out there with Libyan appearances. Anyone got others they'd like to suggest?

Target : Libya

Africa's 30 Year War: Chad Vs. Libya; The Toyota War

Chad: The Toyota Wars (I actually have this one, but years later still haven't gotten around to playing it...)

EDIT: here's the PDF for DVG's Libya 2011 expansion for Hornet Leader.

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Hornet Leader from DVG games. Even has a 2011 Libyan Campaign available.

Matt Purvis said...

Tobruk from Avalon Hill comes to mind...

Brant said...

Matt - I was thinking of the modern era... stuff that could be modd'ed to shack up a q&d version of current ops.
I realize that wasn't really clear from the post, tho.

Zachary said...

I've been wondering about this myself, but hadn't taken the time to poke around to see what was out there. After reading your post my guess is there isn't much else that might cover the current situation as a board game, but it did occur to me there are various miniature rules available to use as a means to game small unit actions.

Osprey Publishing has a new modern rule set called "Force on Force" being released later this month which looks like it could do the job nicely, but there are many others out there.

But to get back to the board game question. I'm guessing the game would need to be more abstract than concrete to work. Also, what might the victory conditions look like? If US ground troops are sent in, does that mean the pro Gadhafi forces win?

Brant, could your modern ops card game be adapted to such a project, or is that out of the scope of what you are designing?

Anonymous said...

I was also thinking that a set of modern minis rules, with rules to connect engagements into a campaign, would do to play out the armed conflict end of things, as they appear to have been a set of quick yet inconclusive engagements by battalion-to-brigade size forces.

I have AK47 Republic by Peter Pig which looks after just this sort of thing, I think it would be perfect but have no time or space to write out such a campaign, still less play it.

Brant said...

it might could get adapted to fight out any one small part of the campaign, but lacks the combined-services integration or political dimension needed to really replicate what's going on there.

Matt Purvis said...

I know, but I couldn't help but campaign for the classic!