12 March 2011

The Wargame Lab over at BayonetGames

Here's all the different game projects I currently have on my plate, in varying stages of development. What I wouldn't give for sufficient full-time funding to just get these bastards finished!

  • Warfighter: Asian Thunder (scenario testing and need to fund it to go to press)
  • Next Wars I: Orange Crush (scenario testing and tweaking some basic rules, need to fund it to go to press)
  • "Designing Out Loud" project on here on GrogNews (next episode this week!), a Euro-flavored card wargame
  • Next Wars II: The Project That Shall Not Be Named, in initial draft stage with early orbats/maps, built off same ruleset
  • The Modern Quick & Dirty games (working title: Meeting Engagements), inspired by the old SPI ModQuads, designed to be built off same rules but with varying particulars, currently looking at 6 (yes, 6!) titles: England's Emergencies, Invasion '83, Blood Red Borders, War In The Clouds, Brushfires, Holy Wars... right now the early drafts of maps/counters being put together and some early rules notes sketched out
  • Bandits! Been lingering for a while, but a basic idea built around a Euro/Ameritrash game not unlike Runebound for the gaslight & flintlock era
  • Castles & Kings: started out as using chess pieces on a Risk map, but now modified to include some card actions that allow for kingdom building as well. Starting to incorporate ideas from Dominion and 7 Wonders (two games I really like) to build on the older civ-flavored mechanics. High hopes for this one, but a LOT of moving parts to balance. Draft of card mechanics and combat being kicked around right now and may get table-tested soon.
  • The Investigation Engine: started out as using a dominoes-style mechanic to "connect the dots" in either an intel scenario or law enforcement, as you try to unravel a conspiracy of people by figuring out who's connected to who; been lingering forever, and will have to revisit it sometime
Wow... that's a shitload of stuff I wish I could just spend all day working on. If only I had a real job to afford the luxury, eh? By: Brant

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