24 March 2011

More Cuts Coming to US Nuke Arsenal? And Readers Pick Their Targets!

The administration is reviewing the nuclear arsenal, and the targeting lists, to see if further cuts can be made.

The Obama administration has begun examining whether it can make cuts to its nuclear weapons stockpiles that go beyond those outlined in a recent treaty with Russia.
The classified review is not expected to be completed until late this year, but some Republicans already are worried that it will go too far. On Tuesday, 41 Republican senators warned Obama in a letter not to make major changes in nuclear policy without consulting Congress.
Arms control advocates say the United States is mired in Cold War-era thinking about nuclear deterrence and are pressing the administration to use the review to rethink U.S. nuclear requirements. They say the decisions will be a test of President Barack Obama's commitment nearly two years ago to put the world on a path toward eliminating nuclear weapons.
Obama ordered the nuclear review early last year with an aim of shrinking the nuclear arsenal, but the work, led by the Defense Department, began recently, according to a department spokeswoman, Lt. Col. April Cunningham.
The review will look at issues such as what targets the U.S. would have to hit with nuclear weapons in a worst-case scenario and what kind of weapons it would need to hit them. Rethinking the requirements could open the way to cuts.

Now, what would really be fun is to be in the room for that targeting exercise. If we're getting to the "worst case" then what targets might we shoot?

Nominate your targets in the comments!

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Washington, DC and Wall Street. It's the only way to be sure.

Anonymous said...

lol, Pyongyang for one (god my spelling is miserable) And whatever bad guy missile sites are targeting Bath Iron Works, I would rather not glow in the dark thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

i think we should always have 20,000 nuke warheads ready to put up someones ass