23 March 2011

Oy Vey! Da BBC Wit' Da False Em-PHA-sis!

Really, the BBC is going down this road?

Check out this headline:

BBC News - Gaza: Children die in Israeli attack, say doctors

Read the article...

Gaza: Children die in Israeli attack, say doctors

Several Palestinians were also injured in Tuesday's attacks

Two were under 18, while four were members of the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, according to the ruling Hamas militant group.

Israel apologised for the civilian casualties but said it would defend itself against rocket fire from Gaza, which has increased in recent days.

Militants fired a barrage of mortars into Israel on Saturday.

So the headline is "Children die!"
The reality is that 2 were under 18. But 4 members of the group were from a known terror group advocating for the abolition of Israel. Not noted, however, is whether those under 18 were 17 and members of Islamic Jihad, or 7 years old and playing jumprope in a nearby parking lot.
Oh yeah, and the Israelis were returning fire against an enemy known to use human shields and set up their launchers next to schools, mosques, and hospitals.

Really, BBC? This is the best you've got?

By: Brant

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