02 March 2011

Updating Our RSS Feeds

Hey everyone,
We've swapped out a few RSS feed on the left side with something new for you to read.

First, we've got PaxSims, a blog out of Canada that includes a great mixture of academics, simulation news, and conference updates.

Next, we've got a link to another academic-based blog, Sources and Methods, that talks about intel training and learning and ties in game-based learning.

Pat Proctor doesn't need much introduction to the game crowd. His blog, Media Warfare, is now one of our feeds.

Finally, the fantastically-detailed Real and Simulated Wars tells you all about life in the digital trenches, with great insight on scenario creation, game/equipment stats, and tactics.

Check them out and tell us what you think about the feeds, as well as our other longer-running feeds. What should we keep? Dump? Swap out? Link to? Add to the link listings below?

By: Brant

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