02 May 2011

OBL Is Dead - Your Reflections

So, GrogNews readers (both of you!) - tell us about your reflections and recollections of the news. What did you think of when you heard it? What do you expect to see moving forward? What are your memories tied to other news of OBL over the years?

Share your tales below...

By: Brant


Matt Purvis said...

In Jan. 2007, I recall standing in the craters left by cruise missiles that failed to nail him in 1998. It was interesting to hear the accounts of the locals about the event. I'll have to dig up the pictures.
It is also interesting to recount how the focus of our engagements in the region have morphed from a headhunt into something much larger in scope. I'd be interested in hearing the truth of the matter about whether it was a kill or capture mission. At this points, conflicting reports claim both.
In any case, it will be interesting to see if Bin Laden's death will have any impact on the worldwide jihad against the united States.

Matt Purvis said...

Oh, and I was annoyed by the timing, I wanted to see who got axed this week on Celebrity Apprentice.