18 July 2012

GameTalk - Combined Arms

(re-running this in the hopes of generating a comment or two)

What's the lowest echelon in which you expect to find cross-service operations in a wargame? How far down do you go before aircraft are abstracted off the map rather than moved around? At what level are the naval vessels no longer relevant on the board?

Similarly, going up from ship-to-ship combat... how far up do you before Marines & boarding parties are abstracted into more theoretical numbers for taking over other vessels?

At what level does airfield defense become an abstract number rather than specifically-assigned assets for protecting the FARP and runways?

By: Brant

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S O said...

I think this one is a benchmark in this regard:


It is a sim game about the entire Pacific war 1941-1945!

Aircraft down to squadrons as units and flights (even only a single one in case of recce). Squadrons are equipped with a number of pilots (with name, fatigue, quality, track record each) and aircraft (type and different states of readiness).
Aircraft again are simulated with numbers for their qualities, with detailed armament and ammo.

At the same time, army units down to Bde or Bn (with numbers of heavy equipment and infantry, support and engineer squads).

Naval units: Individual ships and ad hoc task forces. Ships again with numbers of heavy equipment (some gun turrets may be out of service IIRC).